An End of Year Message

Needless to say that 2020 was unlike others in many of our lifetimes. As a club, the PSL RC Hobby Group is fortunate to have the most generous supporting members a club could ask for in a club. On behalf of Jack and the club officers, we’d all like to thank you for your continued support and dedication. In ending the year, let us reflect on all of the outstanding accomplishments we’ve made at the park in 2020.

  • Overall club improvements
    • Telephone poles around the perimeter of the property for additional security
    • Improved driveway
    • Water lines run to all areas
    • Improved water drainage 
      • French drains
      • underground drainage
      • additional siphons
      • 15k gallon per hour pump
    • Planting of additional Royal poincianas in the plane area
    • New safety lift for lawnmower maintenance 
    • New club trailer and mower
  • In the plane area”:
    • A 400’ runway
    • Taxiways to the runway
    • Expanded parking in all areas with crushed millings
  • In the quad area 
    • Solar charging station in the quad area
    • expanded millings
    • AstroTurf landing
    • improved shade area
    • Stone pavers
    • PVC gates
    • micro-course with micro gates
    • Clearing of additional tree debris in the forest for fun flying with quads and FPV planes
  • In the Car Area
    • Increased car obstacle course size
    • Rock crawler pit project - Special thanks to Ed Foy for single handling of the crawler pit

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