FPV Guidelines

The introduction of FPV (First Person View) into the RC Hobby has sparked new blood and reinvigorated the RC community. The introduction of smaller technology and inexpensive cameras, video transmitters /receivers, and goggles has made FPV an easy add-on for all aspects of the RC Hobby.

If you plan on operating your craft utilizing FPV equipment on the property, please take note that the following will apply to you. Whether you decide to operate the various aerial photography platforms (your typical “Drones” such as DJI Phantoms, Inspire, Karma, etc), multirotors, planes, flying wings, helicopters, RC cars, and boats, your operation will be in cooperation with the MULTIROTOR GROUP. Multirotor frequency rules will apply to everyone operating FPV equipment.

If operating outside the FPV / Multirotor areas, it is your responsibility to obtain a frequency from the FPV pilots and coordinate your operations. Generally, a member wishing to operate FPV equipment outside the FPV / Multirotor areas will be assigned a frequency at the top end of the allowable frequency spectrum. Failing to coordinate with the other FPV operators could result in damage to your equipment and the equipment of others. YOU are responsible for any damages resulting from careless frequency management.  Generally, FPV video systems utilize the 5.8GHz frequency band, but other frequencies are permitted provided you possess the appropriate Amateur Radio Licensing (HAM).

ARIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PLATFORM USERS: please take note your craft may blast the frequency spectrum and knock other user’s video out. Please do not power on your craft while other operators are in the air or powered on the ground. Prior to taking flight with other FPV operators, ensure video signals are coordinated and that you will not cause the unintentional crashing of another member.

Link various FPV frequency charts (such as the ones located at http://www.multigp.com/multigp/aircraft/frequencyHelp