Park Scheduling

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic there will be some new protocols that all members MUST adhere here to. We know that this schedule is not perfect, but it is our attempt to keep everyone safe. It unfortunately is our new normal, and hopefully we all can focus on having fun. Remember please, we are trying to keep everyone healthy & safe so that one day we can open the field like it used to be.


General Rules:

  1. If you are feeling sick and or have a fever STAY HOME, and/or seek medical attention. Please do not come to the field.
    1. If you have been tested for COVID-19 please remain home until you receive negative test results or have tested positive and have not recovered please stay at home..
    2. If someone in your household is sick, has been tested for COVID-19 awaiting results, or has tested positive and has not recovered please stay at home.
  2. We will be complying with Social distancing. You MUST stay a minimum of 6’-0” apart at ALL TIMES. There will be no gathering around RC devices.
    1. We additionally recommend per CDC guidelines that you cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover.
  3. We've created a schedule for those who wish to use the field. DO NOT SHOW UP to field unless you have a confirmed time slot on the schedule.
  4. Time slots will be for a 2-hour window.
    1. Once your time is done. Please leave the club property and return to your home. Do not hang out.
    2. Exception, Members will be allowed to stay after their time has lapsed, IF there is no one waiting for that same designated space directly afterward.
  5. If you are an individual at higher risk and will be coming to the park, please wear proper safety equipment at all times, such as a mask covering your nose and mouth, and gloves as recommended by the CDC.
    1. Please see this link for additional information from CDC for those at higher risk of severe illness.
  6. Members must bring their own Disinfectant sprays such as Clorox wipes, or paper towels with a spray bottle of Bleach & Water mix to clean their areas prior to use.
  7. Upon arriving at your assigned space, each member will be responsible to clean down the table surfaces or chairs used.

Instructions on How to Sign Up.

  1. WE HAVE CREATED A COMMUNITY SCHEDULE WHERE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO VERIFY WHEN YOUR REQUESTED TIME(S) ARE ALLOCATED. The link to the schedule is below. Please check the schedule regularly in order to confirm your appointment.
    1. Park Schedule Link to Google Drive, CLICK HERE
    2. Click the appropriate schedule for the times available.
  2. We will be asking everyone to please text or email your request to each section in the following format.
    • Planes and or Helicopters: Jack 772-485-2886
    • Quad/Drones: Patrick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Land: Rich 301-351-8902
  3. Please text your 1st choice and 2nd choice and 3rd choice for time slots for the scheduled week. In the following format.
    1. Name, Number, (Date/Time), (Date/Time), (Date/Time)
  4. If you normally fly during the week, please be considerate of those who can only fly on the weekends.
    1. Weekend Pilots - In order to sign up Weekends slots, please sign up no later than 6:00 pm Friday for the weekend.
    2. Weekday Pilots - please text after 6:00 pm Friday for available Weekend time slots. 
    3. Weekday Pilots - can sign up for time slots for a time during the week at any time.
  5. You are allowed to show up to the field 15 minutes early, but please stay in your car until the person leaves their designated area.
    1. Once your time slot expires, please be considerate and leave the club property. Watching from your car will not be permitted.
    2. Exception, Members will be allowed to stay after their time has lapsed, IF there is no one waiting for that same designated space directly afterward. 
  6. If you can NOT make it please text the area president so that we can update the schedule accordingly.

NEW Field Rules:

  1. Members must stay a minimum of 6’-0” apart at all times.
    1. Please stay in your designated Pit area and flight line area.
    2. Each staging area, AKA the Pit, will have space directly in front of the flight line. Stay in your area.
  2. You are allowed to go to the runway to collect your plane after your land or to place it for take-off.
  3. Upon the arrival of your designated area in the pit, please wipe down your surfaces and or chair if there is one there.
  4. Please try not to walk on the runway. Only be on the runway to place or collect your plane.
  5. Be courteous to others. Please leave on time, as others are waiting to use your space.
    1. At this time, please leave the club site when your time is done. DO not stay in your car to watch or hang around.
    2. Exception, Members will be allowed to stay after their time has lapsed, IF there is no one waiting for that same designated space directly afterward. 
  6. If you have any questions about our new rules, please reach out to any area president of each area.