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Best Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast

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Race - Freestyle - Leisure

The best Electric RC Club in Florida

Love multirotors?
We do too!

Multirotor aircraft are also commonly called quadcopters (quads) or drones that piloted FPV or line of sight. At the PSL RC Hobby Group, we offer a large dedicated area for drone pilots that very few clubs provide in the state of Florida. Over 7 acres of flying area with obstacles and open areas to challenge the beginner to the advanced of pilots.

Multirotor highlighted features

  • 7+ acres of flying area (5 cleared wooded & 2 open)
  • A dedicated racecourse for larger quads
  • A dedicated racecourse for smaller toothpick or whoop style quads
  • 50’+ of a shaded area with picnic tables
  • 25’ standing workbench area & 25’ of a seated bench for pilots.
  • Solar charging stations. Bring your own charger with DC banana plugs.
  • For FPV wing pilots, a 400’ grass runway is available for landing
The Best Electric RC Club Around

Shaded Flight Area

Comfortable Pilots Seats

Work Tables

Solar Charging

Everyone is Welcome
Dedicated Multirotor & FPV Zone


Racing & Freestyle

If you love ripping up the sky with race quads and FPV planes as much as we do, this is the place for you!

If racing, flipping, and heart-stopping close calls is not your thing, no worries! The FPV Zone has a spot for everyone, including relaxing leisure flying with your FPV gear.

The bottom line is, if you are a pro pilot or just starting your FPV journey, PSL RC Hobby Group is a great place to refine your skills and learn from other members.

FPV...Gotta Try it!

Located In Port St Lucie

Racing, Freestyle & Leisure
Come join us & explore the skies!

FPV Multirotor & Planes

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Best Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast

Whether you’ve been in the hobby for 60 years or you’re just getting started, our members would love to Fly, Drive, Race, Bash, and just enjoy the hobby with you! Join the nearly 300 members at the PSL RC Hobby Group.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.
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