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Best Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast

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The best Electric RC Club in Florida

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Welcome to the PSL RC Hobby Group. We are pleased to offer an open field for flying everything electric (line of sight) with wings or helicopters. The field is a combination of a 45'x400' geotextile fabric runway over crushed asphalt millings and a 50'x500' grass runway with an open lake to the West.

With the advancements in battery technology, dusting off an old gasser and converting it to electric is now a fairly easy process (who needs to fuss with nitro when you can plug in some electrons?). 

Are you an elite helicopter pilot trying to fight for space on the flight line? We have you covered with your own pilot station on the west side of the field (near the lake) with a paver landing pad. Pilots are also able to command the field with notice and to take turns with other members.

We invite you to come out and enjoy the Florida sunshine as we fly the skies till sunset.

The best Electric RC Club around

Geotex Runway

45' x 400'

Grass Runway

50' x 500'

Heli Pad

Dedicated Zone

Solar Charging

Multiple Stations
Everyone is Welcome
Heli-Pad Flight Line Protocol

The Helipad

Heli Pad Protocol

If a helicopter pilot announces his intentions to fly from that area and your planning on coming in please communicate to that pilot you're on your way back to the helipad so as to not force your landing while he’s in the middle doing his flight


Located In Port St Lucie

Young or Old
Experienced or New
Come Fly With Us!

Come Fly With Us!
RUNWAY Flight Line Protocol

Main Runway

Runway Protocol

At times a helicopter pilot with a larger helicopter may take command of the main flying field for a flight that averages 5 minutes. During this time no other planes should be in the air for safety reasons. Upon landing, the plane pilots may resume flying with the helicopter pilot preparing themselves to be in line for the next flight.

Should multiple helicopter pilots wish to fly, we would like to ask for no more than two helicopter pilots fly in a row with planes to resume afterward. The helicopter pilots will then resume in order of field usage.

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Best Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast

Whether you’ve been in the hobby for 60 years or you’re just getting started, our members would love to Fly, Drive, Race, Bash, and just enjoy the hobby with you! Join the nearly 300 members at the PSL RC Hobby Group.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.
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