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Let's Fly - Let's Drive - Let's Go!

Join The Best Electric RC Club in Florida

Let's Fly - Let's Drive - Let's Go!

Join The Best Electric RC Club in Florida

Let's Fly - Let's Drive - Let's Go!

Join The Best Electric RC Club in Florida

Let's Fly - Let's Drive - Let's Go!

Join The Best Electric RC Club in Florida

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Welcome to the
PSL RC Hobby Group

Florida's premier Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast! 

The Port Saint Lucie RC Hobby Group is an AMA sanctioned club (Charter 5329). We are located within the city limits of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The fields are located at the intersection of Blanton Boulevard and NW Volucia Drive (nestled in the Torino Parkway north of Saint Lucie West). With a close partnership with the City of Port St. Lucie, this "Electrics Only" RC club will have a lot to offer in one location.

Join the club

With various membership options that allow members to use all the club has to offer. The PSL RC Hobby Group is a great location for RC enthusiasts on the Treasure Coast. 

  • Electric ONLY RC Club

  • 1 Membership - Access to Everything

  • Planes, Helis, Multirotor, Trucks, Crawlers

  • Solar Charging Stations

Fly with us

Electric Planes - Jets - Helis

  • Geotex & Grass Runways
    45'x400' Geotex Runway & 50'x500' Grass Runway
    The field is a combination of a 45'x400' geotextile fabric runway over crushed asphalt millings and a 50'x500' grass runway with an open lake to the West.
  • Solar Charging Stations
    Charging power when you need it
    The air field has solar powered battery bank with several DC power outlets for charging. This conveniently allows you to charge batteries at the field.
  • Electric Planes, Jets, & Helis
    Electric ONLY RC Club
    PSL RC Hobby Group is an Electric Only club. You can fly jets, planes, helicopters, multirotors and just about anything line of sight, as long as it's electric.
  • Pro pilot or first timer - Everyone welcome
    This is a hobby for everyone
    Young pilots to old-timers - everyone is welcome! Whether you’re just getting started in the hobby or you’ve been flying for years, PSL RC Hobby Group is a place your can come and learn, refine, and teach your skills. Above all, it’s a place to make friends and safely enjoy the hobby we all love so much!

Drive With Us

Racing & Crawling

  • Racing & Bashing
    Race, Bash... and Crash
    Come race, bash, and crash with us as you make your way around the dirt track. With various obstacles and jumps, our track offers a great day of racing for young and old - so bring the family!
  • Crawling Course
    Have what it takes to survive the course?
    If you like crawling, we've got a course for you. PSL RC Hobby Group has a dedicated crawler cours with bridges, planks, boulders and more.
  • Solar Charging Stations
    Keep the batteries charged & trucks running!
    Don't let the fun stop when the batteris die. With our soloar powered charging station you can charge your packs right at the track.

Race with us

Multirotor & FPV

  • Multirotor Course
    Dedicated Multirotor & FPV Zone
    Our club offers a multirotor zone with dedicated air space, obsticles, and race track. So whether you like to race or fly freestyle, we've got you covered.
  • Fly in comfort
    High performance to casual cruising
    Our FPV & Multirotor line provides a comfortable spot to relax, fly, and work on your equipment.
  • Solar Charging Stations
    Fast and convenient charging
    The Multirotor line has a solar charging station similar to the ones at the truck track and air field. This makes charging your packs quick and easy.


Here are the answers to some of our most common questions. If you have additional questions, please call or email us!

How much is a membership

Check our membership page for current pricing and membership options.  

What is AMA and do I need it

Yes. To join PSL RC Hobby Group, you must have a current AMA membership.

AMA Membership Details

Can I run gas or nitro models
No, we are an "Electric ONLY" club. No combustable engines or non-electric vehicles are allowed.
Can I charge batteries at the field
Yes. There are solar charging stations at all three sections - Air, FPV, and Land.

Join the Club

Best Electric RC Club in the Treasure Coast

Whether you’ve been in the hobby for 60 years or you’re just getting started, our members would love to Fly, Drive, Race, Bash, and just enjoy the hobby with you! Join the nearly 300 members at the PSL RC Hobby Group.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.
Ready to join? Submit your application, and let's go!