Land Vehicles

Welcome to the Treasure Coast RC Action Raceway and Crawlers – a subgroup dedicated to everything RC that roams the ground. We are glad you have an interest in ground vehicle world. Come out and join a group of people who want to get out in the nice Florida air and enjoy some fun. Feel free to bring your family and friends. Spectators are always welcome as it's about having a good time.

Some of us remember when our children were growing up… we used to load up the car with all the RC cars/trucks and head out to attempt to find a place to run. Sometimes it was hard because local parks would fill up and inevitably, we would have to leave. Now we have a place to do race crawl, play, and… HAVE FUN. As we operate on city property, there will be some rules to follow, but that's only to protect you and the club.

 The land vehicles will primarily consist of five areas of electric only vehicles:

  • A dirt obstacle course
  • A dirt drag strip
  • A dirt oval track
  • A Crawling area
  • Lake for RC airboats